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A Note About Design:

The most important part of any project is design.  Design is how the “message” of your company is conveyed to your potential clients, and is usually the first step in getting noticed and gaining customers.  A bad design on a sign, decal, or banner may make people think that your business is unprofessional, and you may have missed out on gaining one of your best customers.  At VMax Graphics, we have a full time graphic designer dedicated to creating the most effective and memorable designs for any project.  We use state of the art design software to make the process as fast and efficient as possible.  To see some of the designs we have created, visit:


Color Matching:

Color matching is one of the hardest things to manage in the sign business.  One small change in material could completely throw off even the most calibrated printers, and create unacceptable results.  We do everything we can to take control over your colors and to get the best results in any project or situation.


 Pre-Printed Materials:

As an option, you can also design completely in pre-printed materials.  Temporary, intermediate, or high performance films can be computer cut, layered and installed to give you full control over color and finish.